Jeremiah 31:1-6Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; Colossians 3:1-4John 20:1-18

Can you hear the church bells ringing? Can you see the look on the Mary’s face as she runs to find the disciples to tell them of the empty tomb? Can you hear the winded breath of the disciples as they arrive to find the tomb as the women described? It is Resurrection Sunday and Christ-followers around the world declare, “He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!”

For the past six weeks we have been on a powerful spiritual journey. We have experienced greater sacrifice. We have engaged in deepening devotion. We have explored our spiritual life through the lens of repentance and confession. After all of that it sure does feel good to rejoice!

Resurrection Sunday is a great day to remind us that we are people who have been raised with Christ. When we were baptized into faith in Christ we took on a new life. Our season of spiritual focus does not end with this day but its focus moves forward to Pentecost and the giving of the Holy Spirit.

Because of Christ our entire vision has been recast from that which longs for this world to that which longs for the world to come. We realize a piece of that alternate Kingdom by being the living extension of Christ to our world. We have died and our lives are indiscernible because Christ is so evident in us.

Shawna Songer Gaines, Chaplain at Trevecca Nazarene University, shared a few weeks ago about a child she met at a local pharmacy. The child asked her to watch her as she ran. You see, the child had recently been fitted with a new prosthetic leg and even though she fell a couple times running, she could run and her heart was filled with joy. Life in Christ presents to us that kind of joy. Our being clothed in Christ goes beyond a Halloween party. Because of Resurrection Sunday the life of the Risen Christ has appeared in us.

This Resurrection Day we are privileged to run after Jesus with the same passion as the disciples did two thousand years ago. As you journey beyond these days of Lent, do not return to old patterns that are born from the old self. The death and resurrection of Jesus have provided for your victory. Set your mind on things above. Live with no regrets. Run down the isle of life empowered by our Resurrected Lord. It is Resurrection day. Christ is not only risen but is alive in you! This devotional needs to end. It is time for us to go run!

Rev. Terry Weyman – Lead Pastor – Greenville First Church of the Nazarene (GFN Church) – Greenville, SC

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