Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-24

Life can be such a paradox of emotions. We can celebrate the birth of a newborn and shed tears at the loss of a loved one in the same day. We can rejoice over a person turning to Christ and weep over someone running away from Jesus. Life is filled with greetings and departures, healing and decay. You read the heading of this passage and you are left to wonder, “Where is the faithfulness!”

When you experience a period of lamenting, the temptation is to call into question the faithfulness of the Lord. However, we are reminded that, even in the depth of our tears, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases and we can keep our hope in Him. This is good news my friend.

  • The writer lists his affliction and they are many! Take some time to speak out your affliction before the Lord.
  • The writer does not remain there. He moves to affirm who God is. Spend some time today reflecting on the Holiness, faithfulness and steadfast love of God.
  • Reaffirm that, even in the middle of affliction, you will place your hope and trust in the Lord.

A Prayer: Father, my afflictions are many but they do not compare to your majesty and glory. All power and majesty and praise belong to you. Your faithfulness is beyond compare. From generation to generation you have proven yourself true, just and righteous. I affirm my faith in you and this day my hope is found in you alone. Father, I belong to you.

Rev. Terry Weyman – Lead Pastor – Greenville First Church of the Nazarene (GFN Church) – Greenville, SC

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