John 13:1-17

Today is a day that allows us to connect to some significant emotions that Jesus faced. Loneliness, isolation, impending doom and sorrow gripped the heart of Jesus on this day. The shadow of the cross loomed large. The Garden of Gethsemane was strangely quiet. Into this darkness we see a powerful image. We look into this story and see a Savior on His knees as He demonstrated what it means to love by taking last place.

I know that the American culture was built on an exceptional work ethic, advancement and entrepreneurial drive. However, we would do well to remember that this story is more than a story. This is a model for living. We can work hard, have a great work ethic and even get promoted but not at the expense of getting on our knees to serve others. We might find ourselves alone in doing so but if we look close enough, we just might get a glimpse of Jesus nearby.

  • How do you think Jesus felt on this day 2000 years ago? What emotions did He feel? What or who was He thinking about? How deep was His love for you that motivated Him to walk to the place where He knew the Betrayer would find him?
  • During your work week do you ever consider what it means to wash the feet of others? Granted, it would be odd to ask people to take off their shoes so you can literally wash their feet. However, in what ways could feet washing become your metaphor for engaging in selfless service to others in Jesus’ Name?

A Prayer: Father, I thank you for walking to the Garden on that fateful day. You placed yourself where the enemy would find you. You willingly walked into what others thought was a trap. Before doing so you modeled for us what service and sacrifice require. Help me to not be afraid of last place. Help me to willingly kneel before others and serve. Father, I belong to you.

Rev. Terry Weyman – Lead Pastor – Greenville First Church of the Nazarene – Greenville, SC

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