Psalm 71:1-14

Have you ever seen a person holding on to the top of a tree while the flood waters rage all around? It is easy to feel forsaken while hanging on for dear life. One thing is interesting about the image of a person in a tree while the floodwaters rage. I have never seen the tree let go of the person hanging on. People may try to convince you that the adversity you face is a clear sign God has abandoned you. However, the adversity, as David teaches us, is an opportunity to trust and praise God like never before. Hope can still spring up in the adversity. Like David, you can praise God more and more. Watch what happens when you do!

  • Are you going through a particularly difficult time? If so, are you entertaining any doubts concerning who God is in your life?
  • Do you have people close to you who try and get you to abandon your faith? If so, why do you continue to allow them to influence you?
  • While you are hanging on for dear life, is your mouth filled with misery or praise?

A Prayer: Father, I am in a time in my life when I am just hanging on. As David prayed, be to me a rock of refuge. I declare that you are unshakable. I praise you for your faithfulness. I thank you for the promise of your presence. While others try to get me to doubt, I want praise to rise up from within my heart. So, I praise you today. You are my Father and I belong to you.

Rev. Terry Weyman – Lead Pastor – Greenville First Church of the Nazarene – Greenville, SC

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