Psalm 23; 1 Samuel 15:10-21; Ephesians 4:25-32

When I first read these passages I thought they didn’t go together at all.  But as I mauled over them, there is a correlation.  Let’s start with Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd.  As dumb as sheep are, they are wise enough to follow the guidance & direction of their shepherd.  They obey.  In 1 Samuel with King Saul, God spoke through Samuel to Saul to destroy everything & everyone in a battle.  Saul disobeyed those instructions & saved the best for his selfish gain.  When Samuel confronted him, Saul lied about the results of the battle.  In his dishonesty, Saul started believing his own lies thus he was deceiving himself which in turn was alienating himself from God & losing credibility in all his relationships.  God grieved about making Saul king.  God hadn’t made a mistake in making Saul king, He was grieving over Saul’s change of attitude.  Saul’s heart no longer belonged to God, but to his own interests.   Ephesians 4 is talking about lying, anger issues, & unkind words which stem from a bad attitude.

I have been where Saul was before.  God has given me instructions or guidance & at first I obeyed.  But then I got busy & distracted by everyday life & my attitude started changing as my selfishness kicked in.  I praise God for His mercy & grace in forgiving me & setting me straight again.  How is your attitude… at home; at work; online or social media; towards other people; & with God?  Are you being wise enough to follow the guidance & direction of your shepherd, the good shepherd? (John 10:11)  or have you lost your way?  Are you grieving or pleasing God with your current attitude in the different areas of your life?  Psalm 23:3 “he restores my soul.”  Do you need your soul restored today?

Rev. Martin Burns – Youth Pastor Greenville First Church of the Nazarene – Greenville, SC

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