Psalm 32:1-11, 1 Kings 19:1-8, Hebrews 2:10-18

The message is clear and concise that Forgiveness can only bring joy and happiness when we ask God to really come into our lives and Forgive Us Of Our Sins. So many times we want to place the blame of our actions on someone else or something that will take the focus off of us and place it on another source. You see as the Scripture states in Psalm 32 David brings forth his sins to God and in this he was searching for peace, happiness, and relief from the guilt and shame of what he had done.

As we journey today’s life without God, we find ourselves lost and searching for the right answer. The answer can be found, but not if we are searching and looking in the wrong place. God has placed us here for a reason and that is to Serve Only Him. The world today has so much to offer, and most things are not focused on God, Church, Prayer, and anything else that Satan will throw at us to keep us from serving our God. Just as Elijah needed encouragement in 1 Kings Chapter 19 we need that same touch that can only come from God Himself. You see when we run as Elijah did because we are afraid, scared, or just feel like we can’t face the next day you need to Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus as the song states.

Seek God in all you do, and learn to Listen To God as He gently speaks to you. Remember the strength we have comes from God Himself. You see if we are ashamed of the Gospel and Jesus Christ, He will be ashamed of us. The Scripture of Hebrews tells us that Jesus is Not Ashamed to call us Brothers and Sisters when we sincerely place our trust in Him. I would encourage you this Lent Season to prepare yourselves like never before. As we all know we are not guaranteed the next minute and can even break it down to the next second to be ready when God could send His Only Begotten Son To Return.

We have to humble ourselves just as Jesus Himself did so that we know through His pain and suffering He did it all for us. The pain we may go through and the suffering we may face is nothing compared to What Jesus Christ Went Through For Us. He knew us before we ever knew Him and even though some may wait till the last minute to call on His name, because He is merciful and has a Heart Full Of Love and Compassion He still opens His arms and states “Come Home My Child.”

Remember this Lent Season that because Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ not only carried the Cross, He carried each one of our sins with Him and we need to fall down on our knees and ask Him to completely remove Anything and Everything that separates us from a full and honest relationship with Him. Now with this Go Forth And Make Disciples, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and making yourself the servant that Christ wants you to be. God Bless

Rev. Bobby Norris – Wallace Church of the Nazarene – Wallace, SC


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