Hebrews 4:14-5:10

When my nephew, Will, about 3 years old, we had a swimming pool that the family enjoyed relaxing and playing during the hot summer days. The problem we had was Will was afraid to get into the water. We tried to coax him with the little inflated arm bands and floats but nothing worked. He would not get in the water.

One day I was in the pool and I told him to run and jump into my arms. This was something he loved to do and had done on many occasions, only out of the pool. To my surprise he ran and jumped into my arms while I was in the pool that he was so afraid of. I caught him and held him tightly. This became his favorite activity. One day while I was in the pool talking with others there, I heard Will. As I turned to him, he was already in the air expecting me to catch him. I caught him but I was off-balance and went under the water. I managed to use one hand to keep him above the water even as I went under and swallowed the water with the chlorine burning my nose. As I recovered and placed him out on the side of the pool he said, “Let’s do it again!”

The scripture tells us about this. Jesus has proven His love, although it was never in question. He did this by becoming a human being with all of the frailties of humanity but doing this without sin. He lived as an example of service. He died in my place. I have a Savior, Redeemer, Father and Friend that has been through everything I could possibly imagine. He will lead me in the best way through life. He has proven that I can walk with Him in confidence knowing that He already has it under control.

When I remember Will and his complete trust in me for His safety even though he did not understand my limited human ability, I am encouraged that I can always trust my Savior, who has no limits to His wisdom, presence or power. He has proven over and over that, when He tells me to jump, I know He will be there to catch me. He is never caught off guard or by surprise. Have you learned to trust Him?

Rev. Jerry Branham – Pelion Church of the Nazarene – Pelion, SC

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